Project Specifics


Rundell Associates

800 Group

Vanessa Cayatte Architectural Interiors & Design


Yemisi Wilson


Kensington, London, United Kingdom


Rundell Associates & Fernando Manoso



The project contained multiple fireplaces.

The ground floor was a custom bolection moulded mantle to be made from a specific onyx, temporarily we moulded a bolection out of timber to the exact dimensions of the final fireplace, so that the project could be finished and the onyx to be installed at a later date.

The slate hearth was inlaid into the parquet flooring to coincide with the existing pattern and design.

The fireplace was to be a gas log basket set into the opening, the client liked the idea of bronze monkey heads, ‘hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil’ style cast onto the dogs either side of the basket.

We located an artist, Yemisi Wilson, that had a limited edition design in the similar size to the existing balls of the dogs in Stockholm, Sweden.

She commissioned a set in bronze using her foundry in Italy, which were then installed onto the existing dogs by our metal specialist.

Project Journey

Previous Firedogs

Custom New Firedogs

Final Fireplace